2016-17 KGSA at Yale Board Members

September 3, 2016

안녕하세요, 2016-17년도 Korean Graduate Student Association at Yale (KGSA at Yale) 임원진들을 소개합니다.
1년 동안 수고해주실 분들을 따뜻하게 환영해주시고언제든지 질문이나 운영에 관한 의견이 있으시면 주저하지 마시고 아래 이메일로 연락주세요.

President: 이상재 (sangjae.lee [at] yale.edu)
Treasurer: 노경주 (kyungjoo.noh [at] yale.edu)
Secretary: 김시완 (seewan.kim [at] yale.edu)
Director: 김나연 (nayeon.kim.nk379 [at] yale.edu)


Hello, we would like to introduce the new board members of the Korean Graduate Student Association at Yale (KGSA at Yale) for 2016-17 academic year.
Following board members will try their best to provide the best opportunities for the members to have fun and find comfort within the society.
Please welcome them and if you have any questions or opinions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the board members through their e-mails.

President: Lee, Sangjae (sangjae.lee [at] yale.edu)
Treasurer: Noh, Kyungjoo (kyungjoo.noh [at] yale.edu)
Secretary: Kim, Seewan (seewan.kim [at] yale.edu)
Director: Kim, Nayeon (nayeon.kim.nk379 [at] yale.edu)

Thank you.